Current issue: Volume 5 (2013)

"Higher education has been very slow to embrace the fact that knowing, teaching, and learning are communal enterprises, and to reflect that reality in the way it pursues its mission. But the pace of change has been picking up over the past two decades, and the learning communities movement has been at the forefront of that quickening. The Learning Communities Journal (whose founder and Editor-in-Chief, Milt Cox, is one of the true pioneers in the field), is an invaluable asset to all concerned, from the curious, who want to learn more about the movement, to advanced practitioners seeking ways to sharpen and deepen their practice. I am very grateful for the existence and quality of this journal, and for the good work of those who edit and contribute to it. Sample it, subscribe to it, read it, and use it and I'm sure you will benefit, as I have, from what can be found in these pages."

-- Parker J. Palmer (author of The Heart of Higher Education, The Courage to Teach, Let Your Life Speak, and A Hidden Wholeness)

Our latest issue: Volume 5 (2013), featuring the following articles:

The Importance of Learning Community Components
Milton D. Cox, Miami University

An Exploratory Study of Student Learning Community Effectiveness: Design and Implementation Components
Kim Buch, Cynthia Wolf Johnson, Lisa Fitzgerald, Daniel Bonilla, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The Online Student Learning Community: A Valuable Component of an Effective Reading Teacher Preparation Practicum Course?
Robin D. James, Western Connecticut State University, Laurie A. Novy, Illinois State University, Nancy Heilbronner, Mercy College

Incorporating Common Core Standards With Professional Learning Communities
Ginni Fair, Charlie Sweet, Hal Blythe, Dorie Comb, Bill Phillips, Eastern Kentucky University

Using Faculty Learning Communities to Improve Latino Student Success
Terri Lisagor, Franline Augustin, Ana Lucero-Liu, Rafael Efrat, California State University, Northridge

A Journey Toward Mastery Teaching: STEM Faculty Engagement in a Year-Long Faculty Learning Community
Louis S. Nadelson, Susan E. Shadle, Jill K. Hettinger, Boise State University

Modifying Courses for a New Economic Reality: A Statewide Solution Involving Faculty Learning Communities
Cynthia G. Desrochers, California State University, Office of the Chancellor

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Just published:

Volume 5 (2013) -- The Importance of Learning Community Components

"This issue of the Learning Communities Journal features two articles on student learning communities (SLCs) and four on faculty and professional learning communities (FLCs). The SLC results have important implications for FLCs. Learning communities, whether student or faculty, are made up of design and implementation components whose variations of use influence effectiveness and outcomes."

(From "A Message From the Editor-in-Chief")

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